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Update: Over a recent six month period we worked day and night completing the most significant enhancement to the North American Bird Reference Book since its original release! The user-interface was overhauled to make it more user-friendly and intuitive to use. These enhancements are now complete and ready for you to use.

Celebrate With Us: LANIUS Software’s North American Bird Reference Book (LANIUS V5) includes a FREE version 5.2 program update. This feature-rich birding software program is now better than ever ... Read below for information about the MANY new features that are included in this latest version of the North American Bird Reference Book.

A visionary, multimedia CD-ROM experience for bird lovers, the North American Bird Reference Book is the bird lover's ULTIMATE information source. Learning how to identify birds by sight or sound has never been easier! This instructional, multimedia software application was developed for all bird enthusiasts, ranging from the novice bird-watcher to the seasoned ornithologist. It has detailed species accounts for over 900 North American birds, providing a description of each bird's habitat, identifying field marks, distributional range, and a summary of its reproductive biology. The program is truly a full-featured multimedia application supported by more than 625 detailed range maps, 851 high-resolution photographs, and 415 songs or call notes for many of the bird species found in North America. Quizzes, essays, and helpful identification hints are provided for many of the popular birds in your area.

What’s New in the North American Bird Reference Book? The following exciting features are now included:

  • Each purchase automatically qualifies for a FREE Program Upgrade to version 5.2 Click Here for more information and pricing for LANIUS V5 (price automatically includes a free program update to version 5.2!)
  • COMPARE PHOTOS! The program now features the ability to compare the photograph of one species with that of another species on the same screen, allowing you to improve your identification skills of North American birds.
  • IMPROVE YOUR IDENTIFICATION SKILLS. Speaking of improving your ability to identify birds, you can now create a Custom Query (consisting of just those birds you are interested in); then you can use that Custom Query to quiz yourself (with random bird pictures or songs), thereby improving your identification skills for the selected group of bird species!
  • INSTANT VIEWING. As you switch from one bird species account to the next, an easily viewable thumbnail picture of the bird now appears on the Main Screen of the North American Bird Reference Book; it can be clicked with a mouse to view a larger image.
  • WHAT BIRD WAS THAT? LANIUS Software’s Identification Matrix (which was introduced in Version 4) is still included, and allows you to identify a bird simply by specifying the field marks you saw (e.g., size of bird, color of feathers, length of bill, etc.).
  • ONLINE ACCESS. LANIUS Software’s Internet Browser (which was also introduced in Version 4) is still included, and has been updated to provide you with access to 100 Internet web sites related to birds and bird watching.
  • MORE AND MORE INFORMATION! Natural history accounts for the birds of North America have been newly revised, and now include information on the size of each bird (in inches) as well as the type(s) of food that each bird eats.
  • Science-backed TAXONOMY. All bird names are consistent with the taxonomy found in James F. Clements’ Birds of the World
  • USER FRIENDLY. Practically all screens can be resized to meet your individual viewing needs. Many additional cosmetic changes have also been introduced to enhance your overall experience with the software.


Upon ordering, your software usually ships in 1-2 days. LANIUS V5 now will include the 5.2 Version of the North American Bird Reference Book multimedia CD-ROM. The price of the North American Bird Reference Book will be $64.95 plus S/H (CA residents please add 7.375% sales tax).